Tiara Kaffebrenneri Rådhusgata

In two different locations; Markens gate 44 and Rådhusgata 4 in the heart of the beautiful town of Kristiansand, is a unique, cosy, & stylish spot called Tiara Kaffebrenneri, in English; Tiara Coffee Roastery. Tiara Kaffebrenneri, established in 2008, has since the beginning had a strong focus on high quality coffees and teas. We offer a wide range of hot and cold Barista beverages, a range of teas for most tastes plus hot chocolate for the cold winter days. We have a selection of sweet and savory snacks; cakes, buns and sandwiches for those who are hungry as well as thirsty. Stop by Tiara Kaffebrenneri today. We garanty that you'll leave happier than you came :) - YOUR BARISTA IN TOWN - at your excellent service since 2008! ☕